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June 21, 2010

Librarian Steps Up

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Libraries and librarians are the keepers of information.   Over the weekend, I heard an interview on National Public Radio that was a wonderful  example of a librarian stepping up to fill an information void.

The news in states along the border with Mexico is full of stories violence and death associated with the actions of drug cartels but there is no one agency, in the U.S. or Mexico,  that tracks those statistics.  Molly Molloy, a librarian at New Mexico State University decided to fill that void by compiling her own list of resources to track the problem.  Molloy has been cataloging information about the Mexican border since 2000, and realized that the statistics were on the rise, but there was no one reliable  source of information on the subject.  Molloy began collecting newspaper articles and records and keeping her own account.  By her records, drug-related deaths in  Mexico rose from 320 in 2007 to over 2,700 in 2009, an alarming trend.

I think this is an amazing example of how librarians positively impact our society.   Molloy saw a need that was within her specialty and decided to do something about it.  She put a name to a problem and came up with a way to track information that can hopefully be used to raise awareness of the problem and bring about solutions.

To listen to the NPR interview, visit:

To see Molloy’s work, visit:


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