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June 10, 2010


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Last week I wrote about John Warner, the self-proclaimed “Biblioracle” who offered to recommend reading material to readers who sent him the titles of the last five books they’d read.

In today’s issue of The New Yorker magazine, the “Book Bench” column discusses the same topic.  I was pleased to read the reader comments at the end of the article commenting, as I did,  how libraries and librarians provide the same service for free.  To read the article and comments, go to:

One comment mentions the “Novelist” database that is available at many libraries, including those in our MidYork Library system.  “Novelist” is an amazing tool that can be accessed by patrons within the library or at home.  You can plug in the name of an author and find all of the books he/she has written, or get recomendations for authors with similar writing styles.

To access Novelist, go to, and select the “Resources” tab at the upper right of the screen.   Novelist is the third database in the list.  You will need your library card number  to access Novelist, but the service is free (funded by NYS)


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