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June 7, 2010

Pope Joan the Movie

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*Johanna Wokalek stars as Johanna von Ingelheim in Summit Entertainment’s Pope Joan (2009)

Back in the late 1990’s, our library hosted a lecture by Donna Woolfolk Cross, author of “Pope Joan”.   Cross was a wonderful speaker, and talked at length about the  extensive research that went into her controversial historical fiction book about a woman who masqueraded as a man to become Pope of the Catholic Church in the 9th century.  The book was and continues to be incredibly popular with book discussion groups.

At the time, Cross mentioned that the book was going to made into a movie.   Fans of the book have been eagerly awaiting the release, but it appears that those of us in the US still have a wait.   The movie was filmed last year in Germany and was screened in Washington, DC in January, 2010.  John Goodman (Roseanne,  The Princess & the Frog) stars as Pope Sergius and David Wenham (Public Enemies,  Australia, Married Life) as Gerold.   Unfortunately, no American distributors have picked up the rights to the film, so it looks as though we will be waiting indefinitely to see what promises to be a great movie.  It was nominated for three awards at the  2010 German Film Awards.

For more information about Pope Joan and what you can do to support the  US release, visit:

As far as her next novel, which wasalso  in the works when she spoke here in Chittenango, the website says this:  “She is now at work on a new novel set in 17th century France.”   Something else to look forward to!


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